Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome everyone to my saving grace! My name is Kasondra. I have been an athletic healthy person my whole life. i was born and raised a vegetarian. I grew up a competitive swimmer, dancer, triathlete, diver, and runner. I am now an occupational therapist. I love to cook and help people to achieve optimal health. I am staring this blog to hopefully inspire many people to LIVE STRONG! about 1.5 years ago i developed and eating D/O (compulsive binge eating with a small case of Bulimia). I have overcome the bulimia for about 10 months now. However, i still struggle to eat "healthfully" day to day and not binge. In creating this blog i hope to inspire others struggling with ED and give motivation to my own recovery by setting an example : ) Please enjoy the beginning of something wonderful.

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