Friday, August 15, 2008

big catch up

ok so I've been pretty vacant as far as blogging goes. i'm back though!! i went camping at my parents cabin with my dad.
the doctors went well i guess. she didn't really say much at all! which is frustrating, but she gave me a note excusing me from work indefinitely. i'm sorry that it has taken me so long to realize that work has been a toxic environment for me. but at least i have that realization now. i heard something today: life is like juggling. most people can handle 3 balls fine, its when you throw that 4th ball in their that everything falls apart. i was trying to juggle way too much at one time. (a new house, a troubled relationship, a new puppy, work,my ED). i have just noticed SUCH an improvement in myself the past couple of days it is astronomical! its funny because with as much rest as i have gotten. coming down from this and surrendering is absolutely exhausting!!!!! i have been ready for bed at 9. and taking naps during the day. (i have NEVER been a napper). i just feel like i'm finally getting on track!

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