Friday, August 15, 2008

Confessions of a tangled mind

hay everyone i got a good idea (or what i think will be a good idea). i'm starting the Confessions of a tangled mind.
everyone, this is where you can say anything. you can ask for feedback or just get it out there. i am here to listen or to help. sometimes it jsut feels good to say it!!! please try this is feels good. however big or small it may be just say it. i'll start

"I have actually eaten food in a grocery store, not paid for it, during an uncontrolled eating session. i feel awful about it. i hope to never experience those days again."

There that is the first confession. now let it out!!


Lindsay said...

Hey Girl!!
Glad to see you are posting again!
I've totally done the grocery store thing too..:(
My confessions: my friends at school have no idea i struggle so much. I have two lives. i'm happy, outgoing and popular at school. By myself i'm suicidal and have PTSD (horrible flashbacks)..not to mention my ED
No one has ever caught on. I guess that makes me a good liar?

kasondra said...

yeah, i can relate to that feeling. it's like a smiling happy outgoing face on the outside and screaming on the inside. sometimes i feel like it takes so much to hold it together during the day and at work (everyone thinks everything is just lovely) that when i get home i am a basket case. i can absolutely relate to your feeling!
it feels so good to just find someone you are comfortable with and let it out. i was really surprised to find that my neighbor has struggled with bulimia. honestly i feel like most people have struggled with some type of ED they just like to pretend to be "Normal." everyone has their own little hang ups. really its quite funny when you sit back and look at it. because in the end it really doesn't matter what you are doing. and what it looks like to other people, as long as it works for you!!! at the end of the day HAPPINESS is all that matters.