Sunday, August 17, 2008

saturday. a blurr of a day.

I'm sitting here Sunday night desperately trying to remember Saturday! haha, it's funny sometimes how hard it is to remember just yesterday.
Breakfast: 1c wheat bran, 6 egg whites, 1/2 a large cantaloupe, 6 oz. regular plain yogurt,1T cashew butter.
so i tried to go to an exercise class at the gym. it had been sooo long since i tried to go on a Saturday because of work that i didn't realize the class i was going to doesn't exist anymore. therefore, i took it as a sign that my body needed rest. i went and got the bald tire on my car replaced instead (i failed my inspection because of it). so in retrospect it is a good thing that there was no class.
Snack: i made a little larger snack than usual. i had 1 veg burger, 1 pita, spinach, mustard, pickle, zucchini.

my mom and brother and i went into Boston later on. there was insane traffic going in. it took about 2 hours. (it should have only taken about 50 min-1hr). we walked all around. it was fun. we went through haymarket sq. and i snacked on a red pepper, a large (about the size of a baseball) brussel sprout. one of the people selling produce let me just have it. it was pretty good. i also had a segment of a grapefruit. it was hard to be just wort of grazing all day. i thought we would be going out to lunch in boston. but we ended up going out for dinner. i think i just need more of a plan in advance. i ended up missing a snack. oh well.
Dinner was NASTY!!!!!!!!!!! gross. and the waiter was insane. he was trying to talk my mom and i out of the dishes we wanted to order. we only left a $0.30 tip. lol. i ended up ordering chicken with mushrooms. it ended up being a giant plate of nasty chicken with about 1 mushroom! but of course i hadn't really eaten a full meal since my snack at 11:00 so iu ate the whole thing.

i felt pretty nasty the rest of the night and into the AM. it was very hard mentally to get over. i would have much rather eaten a nice hardy PB, Banana, Jam, and yogurt!!!! oh well, next time. but my theory is you have to try new places. you will never find good places if you aren't willing to try something new. i bought a tea from Starbucks to try and settle my stomach.

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