Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i can't wait until i am done with my summer job and back to working in the public school. i enjoy that so much more!! next summer i am going to look for a nanny job insead, maybe for the special needs population (since i have a lot of experience working with them).
i forgot to take the picture before i started eating. (haha oh well you get the idea). i had lunch today at 12:20 ish. i ate in my car (with all the crappy dynamics going on at work i just needed to get away and clear my head. it was actually quite nice). i had 2 oz Black Soy bean pasta, 3c raw summer squash (then it shrunk a lot once i microwaved it), 3 oz turkey deli meat, 2T garlic sauce, 1T parm cheese. it didn't look like a lot of food but it was actually quite satisfying.
i need to figure out how to set up this blog a little better. i would like to devote it to the whole mind, body, and spirit connection. i want to add neat tid-bits and quotes. i just need some free time on this thing to set it all up. again-PLEASE HANG IN THERE WHILE I GET IT UP AND RUNNING. i swear it won't be as boring as it currently is.

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