Tuesday, August 5, 2008

for snack this afternoon (in the car) at 3:45 i had 1/4 c cottage cheese, 2T wheat bran, lemon and lime juice, 1/2 a cucumber.
i went to Whole foods on the way home and there were samples everywhere (as always!). i had about 4 strawberries, i could eat a million strawberries. i also bought a new snack and i am really glad i did, it was AMAZING. i recommend everyone buy this snack. i hope i don't end up binging on them. they were a little expensive though. i think buying "nice" healthy food may help prevent binges because i won't want to waste my money. i also am trying this new thing where i make myself have something slightly "junk" or completely jumk like fluff (haha) everyday so that i become more comfortable with, what my brain refers to as, "junk" food. then not have to eat lunch LARGE quantities of it at one time. so this was my "not the most low calorie, healthy thing possible" food choice for the day. and i really really enjoyed it : ) i had to apple cinnamon flavor.

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