Thursday, August 7, 2008

I had to work this AM at the nursing home (as an occupational therapist). it was nice today though because my mom was also working there. we got to spend a little quality time together. and yes i did end up following in my mother's footsteps, haha but oh well.
i was exhausted this AM. i could jsut not get going. at 7:00 i had 6oz greek yogurt, one moo magic milk mix, 14 oz blueberries with waaaaayyyy too much cinnamon. oops., 1 cup of wheat bran and some stivia all mixed together!
at 10:15 i had a bag consisting of one large green pepper, some carrots, and some cottage cheese. i also had a baby lime. it was from a fruit basket at work. it was really good. and so cute. i ate it like an apple.
snack today was a very nice destressor break! i just went into the break room and didn't let anything disturb me.

lunch i had at 12:15. i went outside with my mom and one other coworker. it was funny because it was rainy all day, except for lunch. lunch was sunny. it was such a blessing. it definitely made me smile.
my lunch today was so much fun to eat. i know i know i seem to be getting into a rut. you will never guess what i had......1c egg whites, zuchini, broccoli, black bean pasta, soy scauce, all rolled up in grape leaves (that i steamed). when i got inside after lunch i grabbed a peach from the fruit bowl that someone brought in. it was so juicy. i has so much fun eating it. it definitely wasn't date food!!! i had it dripping down my elbows!!! my mom was making fun of me and i think my co-worker was jsut weirded out! (sorry i go all the way outside for luch and had forgot my camera. i didn't feel like going back in to get it.)

after my consoling appointment this afternoon my mom and i went to trader joes quickly. they had the most delicious sample of pear dressing. it was so good that i had to buy some!! i also got some feta cheese and ak-mak crackers.
consoling this afternoon was sooo good. i'm really excited about this guy. this was only my second time going to him. he also does hypnosis. he did the most amazing relaxation at the end, i was pretty much a zombie! he is really getting me to think about my feelings. i have a lot of trouble experiencing uncomfortable feelings and i doesn't really know hoe to let them out.

anyways for dinner we made Mexican. it was just my mom and i. i had 1 spinach tortilla with 1/2 can tuna. parm cheese. i can dices tomatoes with garlic, 1 green pepper, grated carrot, fresh spinach. i think that is all. i love Mexican! ohhhh i tried to put some salsa on it. however the salsa was VERRY rotten!!!!! i always go to my parents house to find the rotten food! why....ALWAYS haha
and this is a picture of my new 7 month old puppy Jackson!!!! and my mother's arm. : )

and while blogging tonight - and bronzing at other people's blogs - i sipped on a cup of sleepytime tea with 1 Splenda (i know i shouldn't be having artificial sweeteners, but it is really good and i try to limit myself.)

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