Wednesday, August 6, 2008

so i made myself get back on track tonight for dinner. Right before dinner i bought a camera at WalMart. (i was using my dads camera before and he needed it back - so i splurged). so i enjoyed last nights dinner so much i made it again. i didn't take a picture because my camera was charging and it looked the same as last night. the only difference was that we ran out of seaweed wraps (darn!!!) i really want to get some more. so i just used grape leaves picked fresh from outside!!! yum.
it is always so hard to get back on track with the next meal. I'm glad that tomorrow is a new day. i read some inspirational quotes tonight and they really got me ready for success. success is all in how you look at it! : ) have a really night night everyone. and i just wanted to say THANK YOU for your support and interest in me and my blog. it means soooooo much!!


Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) said...

Hi! Just found the blog and wanted to say it's great you have this blog to help with your recovery and for support for yourself and others.

I also really like the inspirational quotes on the side!

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to see that you are having a good evening! I hope it continues for you!

I know it is hard to find that trust in yourself, but dig down and find it! You know you can get past this. It is a life lesson and one that you will grow from. I try to remind myself of all I am thankful for in my life and focus that this is something that will make me stronger.

I'll definately check the blog tomorrow so let us know how it is going. Maybe try to make a plan of what you are going to eat for the day. Not obsessing over measurements just a plan of the food. Sometimes, while I am trying to decide what I want I will compulsively eat. If I know what I will be making I have focus and don't eat extra stuff! Get it all ready and then sit down and eat. Don't go back for more when you are finished.

If you have your whole breakfast ready and then eat it I bet you will feel satisfied and nurished.

Also, don't restrict at all. Right now you can't trust your own hunger cues because of the binging, so eat something every few hours until that is back in check. But again, have a planned snack, and don't get more when you are done.

Just some thoughts (and my 2 cents)- hope they help!

Good luck!- Christine

kasondra said...

Thank you both! i'm glad that you like the quotes. i would let to start adding more and more. from all three categories mind-body-spirit. : )
You are right i do do better when i plan, or sort or plan my meals in advance. it really helps when i can take a picture of them for the site. because that is the meal no more pictures after i'm done, haha. i would love to respond more but i have to leave for work now. thanks again. i look forward to posting later and adding more to the site!