Monday, August 18, 2008


today i did a mindfulness exercise with my mom called heart breathing. she talked me through it. the exercise was to get your hear and lungs on the same page. to be thinking of them as working in unison. i laid still for 10 minutes with my hands on my chest feeling my chest rise and fall with each breath as i felt my heart beat. without even trying this exercise relaxed me, and gave me peace. it also gave me an overcoming urge to treat my body with compassion. this is the only body i will get. they exercise reminded me of the delicate workings of my composition and how its livelihood is in the hands of myself.
before engaging in the exercise i became slightly anxious with the idea of sitting still for 10 minutes. i didn't think i could quiet my body for 10 whole minutes. i thought it would last an eternity! however i was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. i actually laid for 11 and 1/2 minutes! (if you knew me you would know that it is almost impossible to get me still and doing nothing. i am the queen multi-tasker and i like to be busy). this exercise is something i would like to visit again. also, i am excited to challenge my previous anxiety towards exercises such as this one and try some new ones. my goal is to complete one daily.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know that when you are gaining weight if you'll be able to tell in the arms, legs, or back. Mostly the arms, I was just curious if the weight would all be in you stomach or not. I'm slowly starting to gain pounds finally!

Anonymous said...

Your sharing is a great help to many people. Remember to keep yourslf busy when you feel weak or just don't feel good about yourself. We all get in a rut and these ups and downs is what makes life majestic. Stay strong and and use those that love you the most.

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