Monday, August 18, 2008

unstatisfying first glance

dinner was a bit tricky at 6:15 6:30ish. i had a very large salad with 1/2 can tuna. 6 oz plain regular yogurt. about 5 T parm. Cheese, garlic slices. afterward i jsut really didn't feel satisfied. i don't know if it was my ED mind. (i guess i didn't have a starch with the meal. i really need to just stick to the meal plan right now. until i have a couple weeks under my belt of regulated eating!) i don't want to be playing with fire!!!!

so when i was finished with my salad i made a sandwich with a large red pear, about 2 T Cashew butter, and i pita. it was the best combination ever! i think my earlier meal was lacking substancial nutrience for some reason. but i keep questioning it because 1/2 can tuna and 6 oz (not reduced fat yogurt) and 5 T cheese should be filling.
one thing i have learned that no matter how much you eat from a certain food group your belly just won't feel satisfied if you don't give it the right mix of food groups. - don't get me wrong i was very full after the meal. it was a large portion, however, it wasn't satisfying. (the only comparison i can make is guzzling a large amount of liquid on an empty stomach and feeling filled up but not nourished. anyways lesson learned. i will be making sure that my meals are a little more well rounded from the beginning from now on! and i will definitely be making the sandwich combo again!


Lindsay said...

Hey girl.
You got some weird food combo's going on. Whats with the garlic and bannanas and butter? Is it an ED thing or what? Have you ever explored it? I'm not being critical, i just want to point out that the food you eat together seem oddly paired and/or something one would not normally eat by it's self?
Forgive my spelling...i'm drunk. Talk to you later!

kasondra said...

well i didn't eat them together. i had some of the garlic leftover in my ref. then i made the banana thing. i agree that they wouldn't go together all at once. but they way i did it was fine. (for me at least) i agree that some things are considered ED if they are to "mask" flavors or textures. but mine is just a preference. i also am into developing new things and trying new combos (not that the bananas and garlic was a combo) anyways i look forward to talking to you some more. i hope that odd explanation helps!

Lindsay said...

bananas and spray butter? because um..spray butter is good on everything :)
and what on earth is pickled garlic? I think i would be tasting that for hours!! what does it taste like?
On time i tried to put honey on my banana, and my mom is all "thats so ED!!"

saturn said...

You go girl; I am so proud of you