Tuesday, August 12, 2008

after my snack at 11:00 my mom and i went for a short walk and picked some wild Blackberries! we found sooo many. of course i snitched a couple! YUMMY!

For lunch at 2:00 i had 4 meat, 2 starch, 2 veg, 2 fat, 1 milk.
6 oz yogurt with lemon juice in it (i used this a a dipping sauce for my vegetables and sandwich), leftover chicken from last night about 4 oz worth, 2c sliced zucchini, 2 slices of Arnold's Double fiber bread (really good, i had never had it before). about 1/2 cup garlic pickled in olive oil (i counted the olive oil as my 2 fats).

so my aunt called. She lives in San Fran. (she is amazing) she is everything (yoga teacher, yoga teacher instructor, nutritionist, personal trainer, idk. maybe she should write in a tell about her services!!!!)
but she was saying how much she loves the blog. i'm really excited that she likes it.

i'm trying to add more spiritual/ emotional aspects to the blog. bare with me while i get it up and running. it is really time consuming.


Anonymous said...

So do you feel full constantly pretty much? I'm trying to gain some weight and am trying to eat very frequently but I'm not liking the always filled up feeling--it isn't a super full feeling though, I just think i need to get used to it.

lindsay said...

awesome job today girl!
Do you feel good? you should be soo proud of yourself.
Wild blackberries!!! i'm so jealous.

kasondra said...

after my meals i feel full. well let me start over on a hunger scale:

10 - Stuffed
You are so full you feel nauseous.

9 - Very uncomfortably full
You need to loosen your clothes.

8 - Uncomfortably full
You feel bloated.

7 - Full
A little bit uncomfortable.

6 - Perfectly comfortable
You feel satisfied.

5 - Comfortable
You’re neither hungry nor full.

4 - Slightly uncomfortable
You’re just beginning to feel hungry.

3 - Uncomfortable
Your stomach is rumbling.

2 - Very uncomfortable
You feel irritable & unable to concentrate.

1 - Weak and light headed
You stomach acid is churning.

usually after a meal (on this plan, i feel a 6 or 7) i should never have to feel an 8, you don't want to be bloated, that is too fun. sometimes at snack time i have only gotten down around a 5 (neither hungry or full) but i know i have to eat because i have a little weight to put on) also i don't want to let myself get too hungry and set myself up for a binge). but i have actually noticed myfeld feeling a 4 sometimes. i do't get to a 3, my stomach i never really rumbling. i eat to often for that. i think someone who would br trying to loose weight may feel a 3 once in a while. but you and i will tend to stay on the full side a little longer.
other things you can do if you don't like the "Full" feeling all the time:
eat more dense foods. (i would be happy to help you come up with some more dense meals, that would be easier to move you body having eaten. not feel so weighed down by too many lower cal foods just taking up space in your stomach.
also you could decide to only drink in between meals and not at meal time. this will leave more space in your stomach for the food and not bloat you with liquid. (i have also heard mixed reviews that this helps with digestion because it doesn't dilute your digestive enzymes)
or instead of snacks between meals you would do shakes. i find they digest faster and don't leave me feeling as full. i also find they aren't as satisfying though. however this is a personal thing. i know may people who swear my shakes.

I hope this helps. let me know if i can give you any more info!! there are many easy ways to get the nutrition you need and not feel "Super full" let me know if you would like me to recommend some products.

kasondra said...

Thanks Lindsay!!! it really was a good day. i just did a little mindfulness focusing exercise with my dad it went really well. now i am going to take my dog for a walk up to the orchard to pick 2 peaches for my french toast in the AM. I really appreciate your participation in my Blog!!! : ) i hope you have an awesome night!