Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I had dinner at my parents house (but we all kind of made our own thing than ate together). I made "sushi." I used 1 whole zuchini, 6 egg whites, 1c wheat bran, soy sauce, seaweed wraps, grape leaves. i cooked the mix in a frying pan then wrapped the mix in the seaweed and grape leaves. very very delicious!!! after dinner i had some ice cream (haven't had ice cream in forever-unless i was binging on it) i really wanted to just enjoy some in a "normal" reasonable quantity. (it didn't go quite how i had planned). i ended up eating most of the 1/2 gallon. I had Edy's Slow Churned chocolate chip - even though i don't like chocolate chips. i tried to pick around them. i ended up eating most of them anyways because it is impossible to pick around them. I don't know why i couldn't stop, i just kept going back for more. oh well i will use this as a learning experience. so for dessert i ate 90% of a half gallon Chocolate Chip ice cream. i can only improve for next time and not get down on myself in the process. : )
P.S. this isn't the ice cream that i ate - but i forgot to take a picture in my haste and compulsion.


Caitlin said...

hi there! i saw your post on jenna's blog and thought i'd say hello. so far your site is very nice!

i know what you mean about ice cream-- i can't and don't keep in the house because it tests my control too much. someone my neighbor lets me keep my ice cream in her fridge, which definitely helps! :)

keep blogging!!

Cat said...

I saw your post on Jenna's blog too, and I also wanted to say howdy :o) I wish you lots of success in being healthy!!

I ate healthy all day yesterday and was so proud until my boyfriend came home with a pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream made up of all my favorite flavors. It was so sweet of him, but I ate nearly the whole thing. I'm trying to get back on track today. Maybe I'll try keeping ice cream in my neighbor's fridge too! :o)

Have a good day!

Kasondra said...

thank you so much for looking at my blog and leaving comments. you have no idea how much i appreciate your support! thank you thank you and please spread the word i really need all the help i can get!