Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tonight for dinner (at 6:45) i had. 2 Quorn chicken cutlets, 1c Edamame (soy beans), 6 oz yogurt, 2c zucchini, butter, lemon juice, mrs dash, salt on the Edamame. their was really nothing to put the butter on besides the chicken. i really didn't need it and couldn't even taste it, but i needed 2 fats with this meal and thats all i could think of to go with it. also, i had a late snack so i wasn't terribly hungry for dinner. it felt a little like stuffing. funny, because it was my idea to go out for ice cream after dinner. i think i just wanted the challenge!!! haha silly kasondra. if only you knew me. i am always torturing myself and challenging myself. why can't i just give myself peace?

this is a picture of the ice cream that i got- after i already started eating it. i almost forgot to take the picture. there are 2 spoons because 1 was leftover from the sample of another flavor that i asked for. such a little bowl of mush causing so much discontent in my mind...


Laura said...

yum icecream! I am the anonymous commenter earlier who was asking about feeling full. Thanks for all of the info. and that would be great if you could give me a couple products or meal ideas just so I know for sure what foods your talking about and then try it if it's possible!

Lindsay said...

yay!! Day 1 no binging!! I'm very happy for you.
Don't beat yourself up, everyone can be a bitch when they are stressed/overwhelmed. You family sounds really supportive, i'm sure they know you don't mean to be short with them.
For future refrence, you can count treats as certain exchanges...like a cookie might be 2 starch and 1 fat for example. You don't have to deprive yourself of treats or feel guilty about them, they can still fit into your meal plan. i dunno if that helps. Tell me to shut up if thats triggering.
i'm off to get ready for school. I'm hoping today goes well for you!!
- lindsay

kasondra said...

thanks lindsay. you aren't being triggering. i really enjoy talking back and forth with you.
yeah i was thinking about that exchange thing. i didn't do this with the ice cream but i was thinking i could count it as my milk for dinner one night.

so are you asking me about some weight gain products that will not leave you feeling too full or bloated?
there are a lot of premade products that you can buy or if you are into making or blending shakes yourself i can help you with some recipes.

i can only talk for a second because i am out the door for an appointment. but a great energy bar is LARBAR. you can't beat the ingredients. and they really pack a punch for a little bar. also i was wondering what you do for exercise? i can help with when to eat what so that you maximize you efforts, don't feel too full while moving, and don't loose weight. so instance right when i got out of the gym i would drink an EAS MYOPLEX shake. just to refuel what i put out. and i would always eat something within 1 hr of going to the gym.

sorry i'm running out of time, hopefully i will be on later. thanks again for the support i hope you ahve an awesome day!!!